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Energy Solutions

Whether you are working on an educational, industrial, commercial, or residential application, Cooper is here to help you and your customers understand and embrace going green. From lighting retrofits, energy audits, or solar installation solutions, we are here to provide valuable products and information on energy savings and services that will assist you in controlling costs. We strive to be more than just a supplier- we work to be your partner. Through our energy solutions department, you can expect new product introduction, lamp and ballasts education, energy saving awareness, introduction to new lighting technologies to support your energy saving needs.

We can offer you:

  • Highly trained professionals to help you conduct an energy audit.
  • Design services for solar solutions.
  • Review of lamps and ballasts purchased and recommended upgrades for a more energy efficient alternative.
  • Better light output; optimize your work space and go green at the same time.
  • Create positive atmosphere - lighting is the key to productivity.
  • PR in your industry, once other companies see how you have made your bottom line green, you will look like a hero.

Click here to view our Go Green section to learn more about Cooper’s Green solutions.

For more information on energy saving solutions, please contact one of our specialists:

Ryan McMahon

John Powers

Colin Casey, ALA Specialist

Gabe Ferrari

Joe Dudas

Amber Cutaia

Mark DeOliveira

1 Matrix Drive
Monroe, NJ 08831
Telephone: 732-747-2233