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Worry-Free 10-Year Battery Life

Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors with 10-year sealed battery! Ideal for homes, businesses and multi-family applications!

Two-thirds of all national home fire deaths occur in homes with either no smoke alarm or no working smoke alarm, mainly because of missing or disconnected batteries. By sealing the battery inside the alarm, the unit becomes tamper-resistant and removes the burden from consumers to remember to change batteries, which, in turn, will save lives. These sealed-in, long-life battery smoke alarms provide continuous protection for a decade, and fire experts with the National Fire Protection Association and National Association of State Fire Marshals recommend their use.

Features and Benefits (individual products may vary)

  • Sealed-In Lithium Battery Backup – no battery replacement required over the 10-year life of the alarm. Eliminates worry about removal or unauthorized deactivation of alarm.
  • Voice Warning System – Verbally announces "FIRE!" or "WARNING! CARBON MONOXIDE" to help distinguish between threats.
  • Hush Feature – Temporarily silences nuisance alarms for approximately 9 minutes and will not allow hush mode unless the unit is in alarm mode.
  • Peak Level Memory – Announces "CARBON MONOXIDE PREVIOUSLY DETECTED" if alarm has detected CO level of 100ppm or higher since it was last reset.
  • Ionization Sensing Technology – Ideal for detecting fast flaming and other types of fires.
  • Green LED – Illuminates to indicate the unit is receiving AC power. Flashes once every 60 seconds to indicate battery only mode. Flashes once per second during alarm to indicate initiating alarm. Flashes once every 16 seconds to indicate smoke or CO previously detected. Flashes every 2 seconds while the alarm is in HUSH mode.
  • Red LED – When a dangerous level of smoke or carbon monoxide is detected the red LED will flash. If the unit malfunctions, the red LED will flash and the unit will chirp every 30 seconds.

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