Modicon Quantum Rewards Exchange Program

Trade-in a Modicon Quantum CPU today and save on new Modicon M580 ePAC. Contact us today.

Schneider Electric offers you a low-risk modernization path for your ePAC / PLC systems with the least amount of disruption to your production operations.

Program Benefits

  • Leverage trade-up discounts – Buy M580 CPUs today at a significant trade-in discount price, have up to 1 year to return your Quantum CPUs.
  • Avoid reprogramming – Reuse LL984 code. You’ve spent years proving the application code, why not import directly it into the M580. No code rewrites required.
  • Minimize downtime – Keep your existing Quantum I/O and S908 coax network in place. Take a ‘Stepwise’ approach to modernization. Upgrade ‘drop by drop’ as resources become available.
  • Eliminate rewiring – Quick-Fit Rack and I/O Module along with Quick Wiring Adapters QWAs eliminate the need to rewire existing I/O. No revalidation minimizes troubleshooting time during upgrade.
  • Prepare for tomorrow – Gain productivity benefits with the latest IIOT enabled and cybersecure technologies.