Our Markets

Electrical & General Contractors

Electrical contractors can rely on Cooper's product selection and experienced staff to get their jobs done on a variety of levels. Cooper serves a range of customers in this market, providing support services, design assistance, and competitive pricing to contractors for major industrial and commercial projects, and local and regional contractors. Find out more about our branch locations and contact a representative.

Industrial Customers

Cooper provides solutions that address the challenges in your industry. Whether there is a need for products to control a single machine, or are looking to integrate an entire enterprise, we can help turn automation, information, and power control into a competitive advantage. Our products support storeroom management, integrated supply, automation, power and control, and MRO requirements. And...our specialists provide product and safety seminars for all industrial related applications. Find out more about our branch locations and contact a representative.

Institutions, Casinos, Healthcare facilities, Government, and many more

Cooper is dedicated to serving all businesses and organizations. As a single source for all your electrical needs, we have the experience, the people, and the products to handle any project with skill and confidence. At Cooper Electric we've built relationships in an array of industries - And, no matter what the industry, our goal remains the same: to provide worry-free, one-stop shopping for all your electrical needs. Cooper Electric understands the challenges - often filled with safety, environmental, and financial issues.

We're here to do whatever it takes to make planning for electrical needs and purchasing supplies run as smoothly as possible. Whether faced with ordering lighting, lamps, and switches, or choosing the right generator and hardware solution, we'll be there with the products that meet the exact specifications. At Cooper, we'll do it all with an attitude that reflects our professionalism and dedication. Find out more about our branch locations and contact a representative.

Energy, Lighting, and LED solutions

Our specialists in the Energy Group, focusing on solar, lamp, fixtures, ballasts, and LED products, have over 50 years of energy lighting experience. The department is focused on opportunities for energy saving retrofits and solar solutions with contractors and end users, and establishing Cooper as the leading provider of energy solutions in our market areas. Customers can expect new product introduction, energy saving awareness, design services, and introduction to new lighting technologies to support energy savings needs. We offer professional solutions for all your lighting needs. Contact your sales rep for more information.

National Accounts and Retail

Cooper is ready to assist with new construction, retrofit, and maintenance initiatives for multi-site locations, no matter where you are in the United States. We provide lighting, lighting control, and switchgear equipment in a single package for multiple location companies, retailers, restaurant chains, and department stores, to name a few. Specializing in complete lighting design, inventory, warehouse and maintenance programs nationwide, we offer guaranteed in-house inventory of kitted packages and deliveries nationwide. We can supply a complete audit trail by store, job location, kit type, house, development or by division to meet each client's specific needs. Find out more about our National Accounts Division.