Program Highlights:

  • Streamlined service for the procurement of recycling services
  • Compliant management of the containment, transportation, and processing of regulated waste material
  • Recycling certificates, which provide proof of proper disposal in accordance with EPA regulations
  • Resources to create marketing and PR materials that showcase your recycling efforts

Recycling Solutions

Option 1: EasyPak Boxes - Smaller Quantities

  • Prepaid boxes that you fill and ship via UPS to the recycler
  • Customer will register online
  • Material is traceable online
  • Recycler will count material and post results online
  • Customer will be able to print their own certificate of recycling online


Option 2: Bulk Pick Up - Medium to Large Quantities

  • Pack up large quantities of recycling material
  • Call Customer Service to schedule a pick-up
  • A Cooper Electric truck will pick up the material and send it to the recyclers to be processed
  • Once the recyclers count the material, the information will be sent back to Cooper recycling manager and customer will be invoiced
  • Certificate of recycling will be provided

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Option 3: Bulb Eater - Large Quantities

  • Provides emission control to help create the safest work environment possible
  • The unit is equipped with a side-mounted dust filter unit containing the highest quality H.E.P.A. filter available, designed to filter both dust and mercury vapor
  • Processes straight and u-shaped fluorescent lamps

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