Innovation | Cooper Healthcare Vertical | 5.2020

Essential Supplies for Essential Workers

As the COVID-19 pandemic made its way across the US, personal protective equipment (PPE) was in high demand and quickly became hard to find. Cooper Electric quickly went into action and did everything in their power in order to keep their associates safe including warehouse workers, drivers and counter salespeople. Once their associates at the front line were safe, they put a plan together to provide customers the PPE necessary to meet different state regulations across NJ, NY and PA so they could re-open their job sites.

“Using a pre-order form on our website is a simple way to quickly offer product to our customers – especially during an emergency where we cannot wait for the standard process of getting product online,” said Taylor Hetherington, Creative Communications Manager.

Cooper Electric’s customers have been able to quickly find and secure the product they need to continue supporting other essential businesses. They created a smooth process for setting up new vendors, products, pricing and payment terms in a very timely manner. While competitors have had higher prices and longer lead times, Cooper Electric has been able to deliver the product faster and at a value.

“Our customers have had a difficult time finding these products and are very pleased we were able to provide,” said Jack Dimmick, Tools, Hardware and Safety Division Manager for Cooper. “We also picked up new customers and activated accounts that were inactive.”

“During a crisis, it’s important to find ways to serve our customers in their time of need – whether it is a product or a new service,” said Heather Matejczyk, Digital Marketing Director, NJ & NYC.

In the middle of a crisis, Cooper found a way to build a reliable supply chain for PPE, sanitizer and disinfectant products that they never had before, providing an invaluable service to their associates and customers. With teamwork and innovation, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together!