How often does an opportunity come along that saves your district money, creates vast administrative savings, reduces the overall workload, and helps your district maintain complete purchasing compliance?

We are very excited to introduce the benefits offered by Educational Data Services, your turnkey Cooperative Procurement Management Program. With schools asked to do more with less, our turnkey services will allow administrators and staff to dedicate their time where it's best served... educating children. We invite you to join over 450 school districts, and benefit from services that have been recognized as a Best Practice by Rutgers University, Institute on Education Law and PolicyProcure the goods and services that your schools need on a cooperative basis from the convenience of your computer.

  • The Educated Way to Purchase
  • Your Cooperative Procurement Management Program
  • Over 450 Districts Served
  • Over 20+ Major Supply Categories Bid
  • 65 + Trades and Ancillary Bids
  • Save Time, Work & Taxpayer Dollars
  • Total Compliance