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Vendor Relations

Building Relationships
Our vendors are important to us, providing our customers access to a wide range of products, training, and sales and marketing support. Cooper has relationships with the top industry-leading vendors providing over 30,000 unique stock keeping units (SKUs), and through our distributions centers and business units, access to over $20 million dollars in inventory of products for shipment.

We have distribution agreements with the manufacturers of products that best suit the needs of our customer base, and each branch customizes its stock to meet the specific needs of customers in their market. Each of our vendors can rest assured that Cooper's experienced and motivated sales force, as well as the distribution centers and headquarters support staff, represent their products well.

The Cooper Advantage
By partnering with Cooper, our vendors know they are getting the benefits of:

  • High-tech center and broad distribution of their products in the tri-state markets
  • Consistent availability of their products
  • Trained and knowledgeable sales staff to support their products
  • Innovative and dedicated marketing support at headquarters

Cooperative Marketing efforts
Throughout its over 45-year history in the electrical distribution industry, Cooper has placed emphasis on developing its vendor relationships. Cooper works closely with our vendors to find creative ways to increase sales - through sales and relationship building incentives, promotions, and marketing support. Cooper and its vendors have the same goal - to meet customer needs by supplying quality products and services.